Saturday, March 26, 2011

When Worlds Collide

I've been doing some digging on my server and well, I found some interesting stuff, the work I did that combined the world of with Uru.  Now, as you may guess, it was never a very easy proposition to merge the two worlds because first, in the beginning most Therians didn't like Uruites, and second, the rich graphic details that were in Uru weren't truly possible (although we did our damndest to push the limits, just ask Tae and Majandi).

So, today, not a lot of writing, instead, more here we go.

I was in the midst of doing some work on some guild tunics when I just burnt out of playing in There.  As I looked at them, I'm kind of sad they didn't get finished...

The Cartographers:

And I believe the Maintainers got finished, I just can't remember if I sent it over to the person who wanted them:

The Maintainers tunic/outfit was a labor of love.  Just to get that darn beetle just right took quite the bit of work, but it did turn out pretty, at least I think.  My favorite part?  The beetles on the shoes.

It was then I went and dug some more and found an old postcard I had made of me and Bahro Joe in Eder Kemo:

And my signature bar from the UruLive forums:

Then I found something that made me choke up a bit.  A signature bar that I had made for Pepsi, that I'm proud to say she saw before she linked to the Perfect Age:

But then I started finding more stuff!

The MAB shirts I made for my term:  

Now what's not known is that I went through several permutations for that darned shirt.  Some examples went from absolutely nuts to "OMG WTF was she thinking?!"

Until of course, I got to the finished product:

(A test photo from my old house in Tyr.  Notice the Uru Linking Book to the left...)

After all that, I found photos of us at Mama Kitte's Birthday Party:

(I was so proud, Mama Kitte wore the dress I made.)

(And in this photo, a rare moment of me wearing the Borg Queen costume I made.)

Then I found stuff from my surf shop!

The stuff I had made for guys that had never saw the light of day...

One of some of my bikini's:

A TUV that I had released...

A bridal gown I made for someone:

My whacked out sense of haute couture:

Me in a Hairier Legion Cap:

And you know what, that's just stuff I put up on my server...I was thinking about it, there is so much stuff on my old hard drive from There, Uru and WoW that omg, if I'd post them all, it'd be nuts.

Anyhow, there's a walk down memory lane for know, from the T-shirts that read "The Bahro Are My Friends...And They Don't Like You Very Much." To all of my beautiful work that took Uru sensibility and introduced it to a world that liked to be more cartoon than anything else, I figure I did pretty good.

Like the old saying goes..."Home is where ever you make it."

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