Thursday, March 24, 2011

IMC Mid-term.

*Sigh*  I just finished studying for my IMC mid-term.  And yes, I do realize it's after 3:00 in the morning.  This is how studying goes for me, I can never be prepared enough.

Yes, it's a subject I know a lot about, after all, I've read Hey Whipple, Squeeze This four times on top of my textbook reading because I love advertising with all my heart and there's so much I want to learn about it.  But, with all of the technical mumbo jumbo contained in a study guide that our professor gave us that has "shades" of the true textbook definitions, and in extension, the definitions I deal with every day and know by heart, the study guide has twisted them into something I barely recognize.

I think it's hard when you're taking a test on a subject you know a lot about because practical definitions sometime vary so greatly from textbook definitions.  I think that's the point my professor is trying to get at, but at the same time, he's been drilling us on the textbook definitions in class, but then we get onto the study guide it's all about the "shades" of the definition, almost like we're having to interpret it instead of give hard facts.

It's frustrating to say the least when I have terms like "market share," "frequency," "reach," floating around in my head on top of the broad definition of IMC, which if you want the textbook defintion it's "Integrated Marketing Communications," but the study guide terms it as "integrating all messages into a unified campaign."  See what I mean?  It's shades of the definition and it really leaves it up to you to decide what the professor is thinking, like I'm supposed to be some sort of clairvoyant and understand where he's going with his shaded definitions.

I went through all of my notes, the book and the study guide with a fine tooth comb, even taking a break to read 20 pages in my history book.  Still, I don't feel prepared enough.  However, the one thing I realize is that when you walk in to take an exam, you either know the material or you don't, and considering how much I love the topic and have delved into it with all my heart, I should know the material pretty well, right?

I just keep thinking about the one day in class he asked us the difference between a brand and a product and I thought in the big umbrella term of corporate branding instead of thinking along the lines of the simplest definition, as in, the product is the physical object you're buying and the brand is an emotional construct, leading us to the idea of brand loyalty and so forth.  No, I thought of Corporate Branding, as in the idea of the Nike swoosh, and how you might as well be a kamikaze pilot if you even think about sniffing at the redesign of a successful company logo, also known as a Corporate Brand.  See what I mean?  I keep thinking that during my exam I'm going to be thinking too much of the big picture instead of dumbing myself down to find the bare minimum answer he's looking for.

But, talk about having my head too far into the big picture, I have to switch gears for a moment and tell you all about the fun I had today at school.  Thinking there was a internship event today (um, that would be NEXT Wednesday that it's happening), I got all dressed up, hair curled and so forth, high heels and all and went to school like that.  Remember how I've been moaning in agony about the girls walking the mileage across UNLV in stilettos?  Well, I was only wearing a pair of heeled mules with a minor heel, nothing even near a stiletto, and I got across campus to my Global Media class and my feet felt like they had been put through the mill.  I sat in class kicking them off as far as I could without taking them off completely just to give my feet a repose from the mile walk from the Thomas and Mack parking lot to Greenspun Hall.

Lucky for me in Global Media today, I got reminded of one of my pals, Raj, (you know, the one that's been watching out for me and telling me I should get out and date?  Yeah, him.) because Doc Fish decided to show a documentary in class called "Larger Than Life" all about Bollywood.  If you've not guessed yet, yes, Raj is Indian, but he's not stereotypical at all. Raj is a unique individual who I think is a rock star by all accounts because he's super stylish and...he's got blonde highlights.  Now if that doesn't strike you as someone who is huge into being a true individual, I don't know what will.  He's got a really beautiful wife who's really awesome and if you knew him you'd say, "That guy is really together."  I've known him for the last two years and he often comments about "The KP situation" which makes me laugh because he's like a big brother constantly watching over me making sure my feelings don't get hurt and he likes to make sure I'm happy no matter what I choose to do.  Most of all, he gets on my butt about not dating and how I should get out more.

But there I am, sitting in class and watching a documentary all about Indian media culture.  If you thought I was huge into movies, no, no, the Indians have me beat by a long shot.  You know how I write about how much I love movie soundtracks?  Folks in India actually do the choreography and songs from movies at their weddings!  Ok?  Is that not a culture huge into films or what?  However, here's where it gets interesting.  Because Bollywood films are so epic and combine both song and dance, the big movie stars over there become pop stars as well.  You want to talk about laughing my butt off?  A guy, who in a 'rockstar' kind of way reminded me of Raj, started jamming out to this really (from my American viewpoint) bizarre mix of Indian music and techno/electronica...then there was a girl dancing beside him in a traditional Indian sari and she's jamming down with him.  Culture shock!  And what made me laugh the hardest, they were doing all that on the top of a train crowded with people and other dancers.  It was like I had entered some surreal world that combined Ghandi with a rave.  If you've grown up the way I have, it was a moment that made me shake my head a bit just to wrap my mind around it.

However, the Bollywood documentary had to come to an end and I had to get across to my Personal Growth class (remember, it's a mile, plus some, from Greenspun Hall) with my feet telling me they hated me the whole way.  The fourth toe on my right foot is still giving me the riot act and it's been over 12 hours since I've been home and taken those blasted shoes off.   But Personal Growth was fun today as we talked about the Love Triangle.  Ok, it's not what you think, turn off the version of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" that's playing in your head because it's a different thing altogether.  It's all about the corners which are Intimacy, Passion and Dedication/Commitment, and the varying degrees or opposites that go along with it.  Yeah, this week in PG it's all about looooove.  You know how I feel about the topic of love, nutritional value and all that jazz, but there were some things in the book on the topic that made me a bit uneasy and acted like a sign that there was more stuff to be worked through.

Anyhow, as I walked back to the car, cursing my shoes, I realized a few things; I have friends who are really unique and marvelous that should be told what a gift their unique perspective gives my life, AND my one valuable lesson for the day:

I'm never wearing heels to school again.

But thinking about school and looking at the clock, ACK!  I've got to get to bed.

Wish me luck on my mid-term!  Um, I'll be wearing tennis shoes for it.

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