Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm Thankful For.

It's that time of year where we all get together with family and/or loved ones and remember what we're thankful for.  It's been a rough year to say the least since last Thanksgiving, with some great moments mixed in so I can say that it really wasn't so bad.

The first thing I'm thankful for is my family, real and virtual.  I'm surrounded with amazing people that without their influence, I'd be in rougher shape than I am now.  So I'm grateful for them.

I'm grateful for KP.  The man is just that amazing.  He's one of my best pals and between him and Chance, they're my pair of saviors.  As the line in Eat, Pray, Love goes, "You don't need a protector, you need a champion," and KP and Chance are my champions. (That's why they're honored with being on my recurring characters list.) Without those two, my daily life would be drab and boring.  However, I can't speak highly enough of KP.  Two years and he's still front and center taking care of me in unexpected ways.

I'm grateful for Chance.  Outside of being my little brother, he's my pal who's always keeping me on the straight and narrow, and who also seems to have an unending supply of duct tape to tape up my ever-broken heart.

I'm grateful for my sweet, kind-hearted Guild Master Jim.  He always says that I place him and a few others way too high up on pedestals, but I disagree.  Jim's my favorite brother because he keeps me in focus and reminds me when I get out of whack that I shouldn't take things so very seriously.  He's died countless times in WoW so that I could learn and he's always been super supportive and patient.  He's been a nurturing influence that I don't think I'd be doing so well without his influence.  Jim always seems to throw out the big, fluffy pillow for me to land on when I trip and fall on my face.  Thanks Jim.

I'm grateful for my "tenderheart in a tough-guy suit" raid leader Jason.  He taught me that you can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t and that sometimes you have to be tough to help everyone get where they want to go.

I'm grateful for my pal Chris, the world's tallest gnome warlock.  He always checks on me and he's always watching out for me.  Soulstones aside, he's always an uplifting influence and he always makes me smile because I know he cares.

I'm grateful for Raj.  He's always been so supportive, kind, sweet and is always ready to give me some sort of positive wisdom.  Raj has the perfect name, he's a real prince.

I'm grateful for my team of healers, Ed, Les, Paul, Sonya, Colt, and Sean who have unwaveringly supported me while I learned how to do healing assignments.

I'm grateful for Heidi, Isaiah, Lola and Lucy who are such a beautiful family.  They are an every day source of hope and joy.

I'm grateful for Dave who always reminds me to follow my heart.

I'm grateful for Jeff, April and little Conrad, Steph, Steve and little Seth along with all of my sweet guild-born nephews and nieces.  I'm always grateful when I see pictures of the beautiful children who I unknowingly went through their gestation with them...I love my guild babies!

I'm grateful for Dana (Auntie Mystdee), Trisha (Auntie Kooky), Tae, Soosi, June, Susan (Neems), Suzanne (Auntie Essjay), Susan (Auntie SueSue), Doc, Daddy Stung, Mama Kitte,  KayKay and Mikey, Gail, Mej and her family, Busch, GentleFire, Laura, Soede, Ariel, Rhonda, Kate, Holly, Jeff, Jon, Anthony, Alhon, Al (Mr. Temple of Alhamnat), Narym, Dalken and even Moose.  Without them, I wouldn't have the wonderful family values that come from being a part of a world that is solely about spirit and the collective love you have for a special place in the world.  I'm especially grateful to all of them for supporting my artistic work, on the three dimensional model, on the air and on the page.

I'm grateful for my pal Natalee who has been nothing but supportive of my writing and who has always been there to help me say just the right thing.

I'm grateful for my pal Luibi who always makes sure I don't look like an old lady and who reminds me constantly that life isn't just all about video games, it's about the human experience.

I'm grateful for Kai, TJ and Drewbie, my three favorite young people in the world for putting up with me even when I tell them to stop fighting and I'm giving them the "Guilt Look of Doom."  I'm grateful that they always are so sweet and are all trying hard to be good.

I'm grateful for my real life aunts and uncles who show me every day that love with another person for a lifetime is possible.

I'm grateful for Ryan and Caitlynd, who are always putting up with me checking on them and who love me no matter what.

I'm grateful for Nan, she's shown me what strength looks like and that I'm not as screwed up as I thought I was.  She is always there for me to give me the big sis pep talk when I run into a huge pothole.  Most of all, I'm grateful that she's fighting the good fight against cancer and is winning (even if she may not feel like it sometimes).

I'm grateful for Mom and Dad.  They put me on this rock and they've tried so hard to guide me through this little adventure called "life."  My parents are really amazing people.

I'm grateful for Carl, he's a great real life big brother and I'm grateful every day he takes care of Nan so well and makes her happy.

I'm grateful for Sara, Yvette, David and Martie who made me realize this year I did have some good moments in childhood.

I'm grateful for Carol, Gene, Buddy and Diana for giving me the gift of stories at a very young age.

I'm grateful to have had such an extraordinary grandmother who's legacy was making me into a storyteller.  Through her influence over my entire family, she keeps teaching me even though she isn't here to see it firsthand.

I'm grateful for Doc T, Doc L, Doc Fish and Prof H, my fave profs at school who support my efforts to keep writing and aspiring to great things.

I'm grateful for Becky and Mirna, my two fave classmates who have helped me keep a young viewpoint and stay in touch with my inner 18-year-old.

I'm grateful for Winnie who is patient with me while I'm learning to be a chinese pretzel.

I'm grateful for all of the people in my life and for all of the experiences I've stubbed my toe on, scorched myself with, but ultimately learned from.

But I'm grateful for the roof over my head, the computer I work at and all of the little things I have every day that make life easier and allow me to have a grand adventure.

I'm grateful for the big blue sky I can look up at and realize I'm not alone.  I'm grateful for what I have and I'm not in a hurry to forget all of the wonderful gifts that my life has given me.

Most of all, I'm grateful for all of you, my faithful readers who have always been here for me.  Y'all rock.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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