Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Hottie of the Day!

We've had quite the few shake-ups in the last several posts and well, I think it's time to lighten the mood a bit.

I spent another Saturday night at home.  Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but it's just not on the schedule to go out this weekend.  Thanksgiving is coming up, followed by the holidays, and it just doesn't feel right to get dressed up and go out.

So, after an evening of WoW, where I got rather fed up and frustrated by the fact that everyone thinks it's ok to put me on follow so they can go out and go drinking while I tow their toon around...not happy with being a doormat and I'm gonna start being a real bitch about it really soon to people who try treating me that way.  So  I logged out thoroughly ticked and spent some time watching television...

Am I glad I did!  Now we've got something "up" to talk about.  Ok gals, it's time to dip into the well again for another hottie of the day!

Now as #7 was Eddie Izzard, this latest addition to the hotties list will come in as #8.   And when you see who it is, you will probably think my choices are a bit odd, but this newest hottie comes by way of the film I saw playing on plain old HBO, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Ok, so we know that I have a penchant for cuties, and pretty soon I'm sure you will all figure out that eyes are a huge thing for me along with my interest in some other features of the male form such as their back, legs and butts.  Hey, it's true, there are some things that a guy just has to have to catch my attention and great eyes are right at the top of the list for me.

Also, I have a real 'thing' for long hair.  I always have.  Add scruff to the chin and a dangerous look along with a great set of expressive eyes and you've got a qualifier for the hotties list.

Ok, I've strung you guys along long enough, tonight's addition is:

Michael Sheen

Now, if this bearded hottie looks familiar, it's because he was in the film Frost/Nixon.  Usually Michael Sheen doesn't float my boat, let's face it, he's got that Brit Geeky thing going on.  But, have him in long hair all buffed up and shirtless in a long leather overcoat over leather pants and a pair of kick-ass boots, oy veh, yeah...that's melting my butter in a huge way.  So, for his portrayal of the character of Lucien in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Michael gets a spot on the list.  Oy, HOT!

See what I mean, you can take the biggest geek in the world, put him in the gym for several months, put scruff on his chin, grow out his hair and give him a dangerous look and you've got yourself a hottie!

So for all you gals out there aching for a tad bit of beefcake, I suggest Mr. Sheen in that sometimes gory, to the point of over-the-top, film about Weres.  He'll definitely make you lick your chops.  He's definitely taken a couple of plays out of the Kenyon playbook for that role.  It doesn't hurt that he's coming up in Tron: Legacy either.

So go ahead gals, do a sexy howl with me...after all, he gets the #8 spot for playing a werewolf...


Let's give you a tune from the movie to put the cherry on the cake.  King Black Acid's "Let's Burn."

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