Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm up to my elbows in boxes, the apartment has officially been declared a disaster area, so as you can guess, the bulk of the packing is underway. 

There is so much stuff in this apartment that I didn't immediately see.  Believe it or not, much to my chagrin, I'm finding more of the ex's stuff.  I dread it every time I find something of his.  I feel like I'm in the middle of a Godfather movie, "Just when I think I'm out, they drag me back in."  Much less to say, just when I think I've gotten rid of the last remnants of the ex, I find more of his stuff, and yes, it's mostly trash.  At this point I think the term garbage bag is synonymous with the ex.  Every time the ex comes up, it's always something about garbage.  Wow.  He might need a new nickname besides "the ex."

I wrapped all of my dishes today and started on the bulk of the kitchen.  I have to find boxes for my mixer, food processors (I have a small and a large one), the rice cooker, the toaster and a few other large items.  The rest of it is all semantics as I have all of my bakeware and other things that are ready for boxing.  However, I did notice one thing that left me in peals of laughter, my unopened box of Wolfgang Puck pots and pans.  Ok, here's why I laughed so hard:

My pots and pans, for the last ten years, have been an amalgamation of mix and match very cheap cookware.  The handles on the pots and pans are worn and wobbly, food sticks to the bottom of them even when you're hyper-vigilantly careful with what you're cooking.  So as you can guess, there's not a single piece of quality cookware amongst the lot. 

This afternoon, I was going through and packing and I finally look at the side of the box with the new cookware in it.  19 pieces, from small saucepans to huge pans are all in this one unopened box just waiting to be opened and used in the new apartment.  I got that box last Christmas, but was always afraid to open it because I was afraid the moment I opened it, I'd have to pack it all back up and move.  Lo and behold, what happened, I had to move, so I'm thrilled that I'll have brand new cookware in the apartment.  I've already stacked and made ready for the old cookware to say goodbye and I'm waiting in great anticipation to welcome my box gorgeous quality cookware that no one else has touched (or in my ex's case, ruined).  So I'm looking forward to my new kitchen, knowing that brand new cookware is just waiting to be unpacked.    

The bedroom isn't going to be too bad.  I've already cleaned out most of the drawers in the ladies dresser, the top still needs to be cleaned off, and the rest of my clothes need to be put in suitcases, but mostly I'm down to the last room on the list, my office.

Ugh, when it comes to hoarding, the ex comes at the top of the list of world class hoarders.  I'm finding things all through the apartment that were hoarded by the ex and the only thing that can describe the discoveries I'm making is a very loud WTF.  Yeah, and the office closet tomorrow promises to be one of those things where you KNOW it's going to be a whole hell of a lot of WTF'ing going on.  I've got my huge box of garbage bags at the ready and I'm prepared to take that sucker down, piece by piece.

But, the linens are boxed, the guest bathroom is all cleaned out, and now it's down to the little stuff outside of my kitchen appliances.  Tomorrow should see the last of the packing as I go into Friday which is cleaning day and getting ready for the movers on Saturday.  

It's late, I've got to get rest.  Mom will be here tomorrow to help further along the packing process and make it effortless to get up on Saturday morning and direct the movers.  

Only two full nights left in this apartment, then I can say, "Come friends, let us away," and move into my new space.

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