Thursday, July 15, 2010

Someone suggested that I write a book...

I can't believe that someone actually suggested that I write a book because they think I have a lot to say about something important.  Personally, I've always viewed my blog as a catch-all for all the neat little things that happen to me, I never thought for a moment that it would be nutritional value for the masses.

But, this morning, after a trip to the employment agency, I ran into a friend.  Yeah, I spoke to them for about an hour and they said something that is still mystifying me, "You know, you really should be published."  I sat there in denial.  Me?  An author?  Bah.  All I have is this silly blog.  But over the last little while, there have been others that have suggested I give my stories of survival to the local media and see if they'll run a few pieces.  I'm still out on it though.  I'm not quite sure.

Now I'll be the first one to tell you, I love getting feedback on my writing.  I love it when I hear I've hit a point on target, if I make someone laugh or whathaveyou.  But me?  An author?  I don't know.  The only part that really bothers me about it all is that books are usually fairly thick.  I'm not sure if I have quite enough yet to be bound up and shipped to a bookseller.

Then, there's the whole thing of "if I was asked to write a book what do I write about?"  Now this may seem funny to you, but seriously, I'd have to stick to one set piece of subject matter, right?  I don't know if I'd write about online worlds and how to live with someone who enjoys them, or if I write about recovering from abandonment, or the very funny stories that just go along with life like Bill Bryson does.  Either way I cut it, yeah, I've got lots to say, but for me to focus on just ONE topic...ooh, challenging.  And I'd definitely need an editor, my punctuation sucks.

But, over the last couple of days, I've been contemplating making a fan page on Facebook for my blog.  Yes, I know it's kind of shamelessly promoting myself, and I'm not really like that, but I made a conscious decision after I spoke to my friend that said, "Why not?"  What's the worse that could happen?  I would be the only fan of my blog?   Yeah, that could happen, but, what if it didn't?  Ooh.  Now that's something scary, me actually being accepted?  No no, I'd be a mass of Sally Field-isms going "you like me?  Really?" as in a state of disbelief.

However, I did take another thought about it.  And let's just go out on some ludicrous limb that says there is someone out there that would like to hear my take on something that's happened to them?  Hey, it could happen...

The fan page also serves another unique purpose.  Not everyone gets my full profile when they look me up on Facebook.  I only limit access to all the juicy information I have up to people I really know.  Think of it more as me wanting to protect myself from the hazards of the internet, along with the fact that there are some people I really don't want on my list of friends on my personal page.  Call me elitist all you want, but I like my private page to stay just that, private and away from prying eyes or predators.

No, the fan page is something completely different.  I went and created a brand new signature logo for the blog and as you'll see on the left hand side at the bottom here, there's even a new neat gadget on my blog so you can give my posts a "like" after you read them.

Bonus of it all is it's a great way for people to share my writing with their friends!  I know if I see something neat, I'm always one to pass it along to my pals.  You never know, someone might know some literary agent out there and think I'm cool enough to be published!  Oh, wouldn't that be a shocker!!!

I figure the fan page is a calculated risk.  It can go two ways, up or down, but at the end of the day, I can say I tried something new.  And ya never know, one day, I might just see a book on the shelf in my local bookstore with my name on it.  That's almost too much to even dream about.

Now, a few folks have picked out a few favorites from this year, one being "Potholes" another "The Fast Lane", and someone else really loved "Nutritional Value".  So I am getting some feedback.  But with the fan page, I figure this way, more folks can get into the act and Sophomore it up with me.

The main thing is that the fan page is there for you to ask me questions and in your own way, can help me shape my content to better serve you and me.  Survival stories are ones that everyone has and I'd love nothing more than to have folks share their survival stories with me so we can all have something chocked full of nutritional value that will do all of our spirits good.

So, long live the fan page.  Now let's hope I get a few fans.  If you'd like, go to the link on the left and hit me up with a like.  Pass the Sophomore around, let's see if I'm really good enough to have someone give me a job as a writer.

Here's to hope!

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