Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's amazing how fast things change...

I'm going to have to make this entry relatively short, as the clock is ticking...

Ok, short summation first.

For the last 10 years, I've barely been social.  Yes, this is what happens when you marry an anti-social introvert. It leads to a very, very non-existent social life.  My only source of social interaction over those last 10 years has been with my friends in online worlds.  That's right, all I've had to really talk to, outside of my immediate family, have been disembodied voices over a computer voice-over-IP program.  From Uru, to There to WoW, that's all my social life has ever been and being that I'm a social butterfly, well, it lead to a very dissatisfying life. 

Today, I got up and showered and headed out to Mom & Dad's for an afternoon of cooking from scratch.  Snap green beans and potatoes along with German Meatloaf was the main course, with watermelon and cantaloupe for little sweet sides.  Since Dad is recovering from his surgery, I even folded in my Aunt Bonnie's Famous Chocolate Poundcake for him to snack on during the day.  

During the cooking, well, Mom and I caught up.  For the last week, outside of stewing in my own juices from my  job in a 90+ degree warehouse at work, the ex has decided to pull my funding.  Ironic, isn't it?  As soon as I get a job, what happens?  He pulls all funding that he signed up for in the first place and put in writing that he said he would do, citing that he's about to declare bankruptcy and so forth.  Underneath it all, I found that it's whole slew of lies as I've dug through our joint accounts and found all sorts of proof that he's lying through his teeth.  Much less to say, come September 1, I'll be living at my parents again.  *sigh*  Not happy about that. 

But, after dinner with my parents, the phone rang.  It was my friend Kay from work.  She's invited me out to a place called "The Yardhouse" at Red Rock Station.  Being that it's my first time out in a LONG LONG LONG time, I've decided to take backup, my neighbor Laurie.  She's actually sitting in the living room waiting for me.

Kay knows the whole story behind the ex and well, she knew since I had one hell of a week, she figured I might need to go out.  As I was at my parents when the phone call came, I looked at them and asked if I should.  My mother practically heaved me out the door as she said, "Oh my goodness, PLEASE, go out!  Make some new friends, get on with your life!"  With that, I was ushered out the door to come home to change.

I knew I needed to chronicle this because this is a HUGE step for me.  To be honest, I'm scared to death.  I'm not comfortable anymore in large social environments, but Mom is right, I've got to get out and start living, not just existing.  I want to, I'm just scared at the moment.  

Anyhow, my neighbor is waiting on me.  I'm actually going out on a Saturday night.  OMG.  Someone pick me up off the floor.

I'll chronicle the whole night for you tomorrow.

Wish me luck! 

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