Friday, October 30, 2009

Pet Peeve of the Day: Superficial People.

I just got off the phone with someone that a friend introduced me to.  He thought it would be a good idea that this guy and I talk.  OMG!  Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD idea!!!  The guy ended up being a superficial jerk!  (I have more negative adjectives to throw, but I'll make my words kind, gentle and tasteful for now.)

Yes, I know we're all superficial in one way or another.  But, what gets me, is the people who espouse that they're a "winner" and have no idea what in the world they are talking about and they inevitably come out sounding like the loser they really are.

I used to hang out at Spago.  I was the chiseled 5'5" blonde hottie that all the guys would drool over at the bar.  I stopped going because I got sick and tired of all of the superficial rah-rah that goes on with those types of people.  I mean how much credibility can a girl have that has plastic surgery out the wazoo?  What does it say?  To me it says that they're not happy with themselves, so they'll pay a surgeon to cure their self-esteem woes.  I'm sorry, but I'll be horrible and judgmental for a moment...I am in no way, shape or form jealous of the plastic surgery Barbie dolls that walk around here in Vegas.  I find them absolutely revolting.  Besides, having to hear one talk is painful.  You can see IQ points drop off the people they are talking to.  I mean, the phrase "Dumb Blonde" yeah, it was from someone who's spent time in the Vegas social scene and seen it first hand.

I have issues...that a guy tells me from the get go that he's not Oprah and doesn't care?  OMG, how self-important and self-absorbed can you get?  One word to describe it...asshole.

I just don't get superficial people.  I never will.  I just do NOT dig on people who have all the depth of a shot glass.  Or worse yet, the ones who think they're all that and will sit in the seat of judgment like they have no faults of their own.  Oh how I detest self-important people.  Pride!  There it is again!  That nasty, repugnant malicious pride rearing it's ugly head.  *Sigh*. I've just got no room for it because I live with my faults day in and day out and I'm well aware of them, thank you very much.  The fact that these self-important people think they're the gods gift to the world...go ahead say it with me..."The human race never fails to disappoint me".

Good news "You be the judge" paper for NV School Law is done.  Glad to have that out of the way.

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