Sunday, December 12, 2010

Semester wrap up, complete with level 85.

Wow, what a week!

Finals were fun, NOT, but I got through them.  I've not received my final grades for the semester yet, but it's all done, finished and through and all during the opening week of Cataclysm.

For those of you who don't play WoW, let's put it this way, when a new expansion comes out, it's a race to the highest level.  This time around, Cataclysm only gave us five extra new levels, so now, I'm proud to say that after finishing my finals, and a lot of late nights since, I've hit the magic number.  Rel's 85.

I have to say it did suck having Cata come out on the same week as finals.  I was torn between books and game and while everyone was busy pushing the envelope on Tuesday night, I was behind the books and baking.  By the time Wednesday came, I was a full level behind everyone and oh did it suck playing catch up.

But, before I completely geek out on you, let's wrap the semester in Sophomore style.

Environmental Science 101 was a suck fest.  It was a gimme class, but the way it was organized and administered, it was horrible.  But, I made it through.

Journalism 101 was a triumph, coming out with a 92 on my final exam, which I was most pleased with.  I'll be working with the instructor from 101 in Journalism 475 (Global Media) this spring.

Journalism 102 rocked.  Sad news though, due to the tight funds in the university system, Prof. H. is going back to the private sector.  The man rocked this semester and he made it so much fun to write on deadline AND do it in AP style.  Have y'all noticed how much my punctuation has improved?  That's Prof. H.'s handywork and I have to give him major kudos and props for getting me straightened out there.  I just find it quite sad that a professor like that won't be teaching anymore because the school can't afford to pay him.  Sad, sad, sad.  The man is a whiz and an authority in the newsroom.  It was a privilege to have him as my teacher for it.  Keep rockin' Prof. H.  I'm behind you all the way!

So, with nine more credits added to my name, I'm a happy junior resting and relaxing before I take on 13 credit hours this spring.  But all in all, I did get two more classes toward my major out of the way and I'm thrilled for it.

So, I finished another semester with relatively minor distractions, KP's on the scene (except he's camping this weekend with the kids), Chance has his toon holed up in Uldum (the Egyptian themed zone in WoW) while he's off doing some clinic for his job and Jim, Jason, Stephen, Jeff, Chris, Ryan, Rob, Suzi, Tammy and the whole gang are on board leveling, cheering and doing what KVN a great family.  But I'm sad as I'm looking around and not finding Heidi or Isaiah anywhere....Santa must be waiting to hide them in Rel's Christmas stocking.

As a special note, I have to give props and kudos to a lady who's left behind a legacy of teaching me how to boss in proper, rest her soul, is Aunt Sissy's Birthday!  Even though she died several years ago, she still lives in my heart and she is the source of me being able to put my foot down, do things right and boss people around like a real pro.  Seriously though, she was a very wonderful woman who loved me so much and was the very first one to accept me for who I was, recognizing the fact that I walk to the beat of my own drum.  She's the one who taught me that it's not only ok to be different, but it's a must.  Happy Birthday Aunt Sissy, I love you!

So that wraps up the Fall 2010 semester.

My plans for the holiday break are to read the Wall Street Journal and a magazine called The Week as prescribed by Doc Fish to prep for 475 and enjoy the beginnings of a new raid season with KVN, the world's best guild in WoW.

Tron: Legacy is coming up on the 17th and of course, I'll be with Mom and Nan tomorrow baking up more Christmas confections...woot!  It's the holidays!

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