Friday, September 28, 2012

The beauty of being the boss...

If you'd ask anyone in my huge, extended, real life family who "The Boss" was while we were growing up, 9 out of 10, you'll get back the name of one very special woman.  My Aunt Sissy, or to my father she was "Babysis", or if you just preferred first names, she was Helen.

Now, I'll be the first one to tell you that being "the boss" is one of the world's hardest things.  How she did it after my grandmother died, I have no earthly clue.  She was literally keeping up with family in at least four different states, knew everyone's name and knew the details that even the CIA couldn't dig up.  She knew who was who, who was married to who or who was even dating who. J. Edgar could have used a woman like her because I'm convinced she knew everything.

Well, when you're wrangling 50+ people, you've got to have a special talent for it. The only other person I know with the genetic code able to pull off what Aunt Sissy did all the time is Nan.  You want to mobilize an army?  Talk to Nan, she's got a whole army up her sleeve because she knows so many people and keeps track of that many more.  (Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if my nephew had a tracking chip in is boot...nooo, I'm just kidding...Ryan, stop looking in your shoes, I was playing!)

No, but seriously, it takes a lot to be the boss.  You have to make sure that every day you remember that "leadership is about support".  You have to remember that when you speak, you have to make sure it's kind, gentle and tasteful.  Most of all though, your diplomatic skills are in high demand if someone's just stepped on their whatevers because it's left to you to remember that it's your job to hear them howl, then remember not to decapitate them for being so incredibly silly as to masochistically pulverize their own private parts out of sheer stupidity.

I know you feel me on this.  I can not be the only person in the universe that watches people day in and day out and wonder what hell goes on in their heads!  Well, the one upside when you're the boss is that when things like that happen, all you need to do is give them "the look".  I know you know which look I'm talking's the one that you've received from your mother or your wife or your boss, wondering what the hell are you thinking???

Which of course makes you want to curl up under the nearest piece of furniture in the fetal position.

No, see, those things are going to happen.  It's just part and parcel of being the boss. Everyone but everyone at one time or another just "dummies it up", you know what I'm talking about.  Dummies are everywhere, hell they even write a series of books for people who admit to being one.   Like it or not though, no matter where you work, dummies are a fact of life.  I've learned how to accept it and move on.  Hell, I even got to retire one recently, but that's really not the beauty of being a boss, but it sure does give you a Cheshire Cat-sized grin when you get to do it.

Keeping track of people, shaking your head at the dummies, being supportive, those are all really the nuts and bolts of being the boss but...

Today I've found out the world's best perk about being a boss.  You get to delegate.  Well holy shit...this one is a new one for me because I've never done it before.  I actually delegated today.  I took one of my six jobs and whittled it down to five. I finally found someone to take over one portion of my workload. Ever since I have, I just may melt into a big pile of goo because of the tremendous weight that it has lifted off my shoulders.

Tell Babe Ruth to move over, shove ol' Giambi and Jeter aside, I'm coming through - calling my shot and swinging for the fence because I actually found someone who is basically telepathic and understands where things need to go and how it needs to be done.  I tell you, sometimes it's the hardest damn thing to find someone who is a perfect fit for a job, but once you find them, the overwhelming joy is well worth the trouble you had to go through to find them.

It's like being able to be at home and work whenever I want without being pulled this way, that way or the other way.  The head rush of oxygen I'm getting because I'm getting to the point I can almost breathe is almost overwhelming.  Feels damn good for a change.

You know what, since it's Friday night going into Saturd'y...I'm going to take myself out for a treat!


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