Thursday, October 28, 2010

One more for the hotties list.

I was supposed to have a date tonight.  Yeah, it didn't work out.

So, I did what I always do when I have a down moment from a disappointment, I see a movie.  It always cheers me up.

Sitting in front of my television for another countless evening of surfing movies on HBO, I got a treat - Ocean's Thirteen was playing - which brings me to the newest addition to the hotties list.

If you're keeping track, tonight's hottie is #7 and joins Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Robert Downey Jr.,  Sam Worthington, Matthew Fox and Matthew Goode on my very exclusive and select list of hot men who grace our screens, theaters and more often than not, our dreams as well.

So, I know what you're thinking, "She was watching Ocean's brainer, it's Clooney, right?"


Okay, then it's got to be Pitt, right?


Ooh ooh!  Damon, it's gotta be Matt Damon, right?


Tonight's hottie comes to us via the UK and my pal Daryl who introduced me to his royal hotness' hysterical show Dressed to Kill where his comedy routine on Engelbert Humperdink almost made me pee in my pants I laughed so hard.  But, if eyeliner and heels don't turn you on, when you look at him in roles in films like The Avengers and the Ocean's films that I watched tonight, you have to go this one with me...

Eddie Izzard.

He makes the hotties list for two simple reasons, he never fails to make me laugh when I'm feeling blue and duh, he's HOT!!!!  As a friend of mine says as she licks her chops at a good looking guy..."Smexy!!!!"

Nothing is better to lift my spirits when I'm down than to turn on one of Eddie's comedy films. For an hour of my day it's nice to be able to reset my viewpoint just by looking at the world through his eyes and comedic genius. I love how he takes intellectual thinking and turns it back onto itself to show us how incredible of a feat it is that humanity has lasted as long as it has.  His view of history is just so incredible that I honestly think that a university like Harvard or Yale should step up and give him an honorary doctorate in it.

Ok, maybe I am a little jealous that he looks better in black cake eye liner than I do, or that he has a better collection of MAC makeup than I do, or that he can walk in heels better than I ever will. But would you look at that photo, OMG his eyes!!!  Drool!  Yep, he's a hottie!

But whether he's dressed and coiffed as a man or a woman, it makes no difference to me because he's absolutely gorgeous either way.  He's the greatest example of a saying I use all the time:  "I don't care if you're blue, green, aquamarine; straight, gay or whatever, if you're good people, I'll love you just the same."

So, hats off to Eddie...he's got style and he's cheered me up as my hottie of the day.

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