Thursday, October 7, 2010

And then, from out of the blue.

It's ironic.  It may just be karma.  But, just when I find myself back down in the hole that tells me I'm never going to go out of the apartment except for school, to see my parents or run errands and I'm racked with the pain of dealing with how I got to where I am now, amongst all of the mental rah-rah that going through my mind as I was washing dishes, the phone rang.

My arms were forearm deep in suds, but when I saw the number on my caller ID, I fumbled quickly to answer it.

It was an old friend.  Someone, given how badly I hurt him, I thought I would never get to speak to again.

I'm remiss to talk about the details about my friend.  There are just some things you just don't need to say, other things that people just don't need to hear. But sufficed to say, it's a remarkable coincidence that he called.

Yes, girls, I said, "HE".  Shush!  All of you!  I don't want to hear it!  Yes, in my Kenyonesque world of romance novels, video games, school, abuse and the rest...there was a man on the other end of the line and someone I used to know pretty well.  Oh get your jaws up off the floor.  It's fine...ok, yes, I'm excited as a 16-year-old standing in front of Justin shush!  We must remain calm.

We spent about 45 minutes on the phone...and guess what, I'm not the one who did all the talking.  He did.  Everyone shush!  Stop gaping!  I sat and LISTENED.  Now, I know what all of you die-hard Sophomorists will say, "It's impossible!", "Her? Quiet? Get out of town!" all that I turn my noses up at you and hide embarrassingly.  Ok, yes, you're right, I talk too much, but, I sat back and reminded myself that I needed to take the time and listen, to really HEAR what he was saying.  Ok, long and short of it, it was like sitting and listening to someone that can read your mind...I had an overwhelming feeling of peace just wash over me hearing him talk about the things I've been ranting on my blog about.  The need for greater spirituality, the need to spend time with people who are positive influences, the re-examining of your life to find a greater purpose, the angst you get from people who just don't get it... If I could have bottled that moment, I could have made a fortune!  It was the biggest feeling of bliss in the world!  Swoon!  Ok, 10 out of 10 on the swoon-o-meter!

Remember what I said this morning?  How sometimes you need to call a friend out of the blue and share nutritional value? That you need to tell someone that they're valued and so forth?  Yeah, gimme some...I got a phone call from someone who doesn't even read my silly blog doing just that!  Talk about sitting here and being completely floored, I can't believe it happened to me!

Ok, I'm just going to hush, chill, and go find that bottle of "moment" and just bask.  Some days, we all deserve moments like that.

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