Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And things keep Marchin' On...

Well, yesterday was quite a day.  I got up, I got myself ready and went to class.

This semester, I have only one class on campus, the other two are online.  My one class on campus is Journalism 102, which is also known as News Reporting and Writing.  It's a class that all I do is write. Last Monday, when I saw what the course make up was, I laughed and thought to myself, "this is like giving candy to a baby."  But, news journalism is very different from me telling y'all about what's going on in my life.  Doc T, as usual, is right in all things: talk about having meaning, sense and clarity...I learned today that most news story leads are two sentences at the most and each paragraph after are two to three sentences at most.

So that means things become more direct and to the point.  I like it.  It's different for me.  Yes, yes, I'm the queen of run-on sentences and dreaded comma splices, but the class is fun and I'm sure my writing will improve more over the semester.

Speaking of leads, besides traversing the city to go to class, I also had one other errand to run yesterday.  It was a place I'd been referred to by someone and well, it lead to a job.  The job isn't half bad.  I get my school days off and I'll always be done by 6pm.  All I have to do is answer the phone, write a bit, talk to people and basically be a gal Friday.  Coolest part:  I get to walk to work every day because I could practically fall out of my front door and be at work.

On other fronts, my apartment is officially a mess.  Pictures down off the walls, things in boxes, bags and suitcases filled with clothes all are stacking up in my living room, waiting for the movers I spent the other part of my afternoon arranging for their services.

I stopped by and gave my parents the news of what's been happening over the last little bit.  I told the tale of how I got into school, about the job, and about the apartment.  Mom, believe it or not, was really thrilled about things.   Dad, as is the norm, was completely supportive.

Up, down, lean right, lean left...life is always a roller coaster, but before that big drop or loop comes, sometimes you just have to put your hands in the air, laugh, then squeal at the top of your lungs and enjoy the ride.

But, it's always one foot in front of the other...

For your listening pleasure...here's the band from the Song of the Day from my last post, One Republic, and they're...

Marchin' On.

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