Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Doc T.

Ok, newsflash...I got an e-mail today from a gal who writes for the Rebel Yell (the UNLV School Newspaper). 

Seems as ol' Doc T got himself an award...check this out...he is a very accomplished writer!  He was the recipient of the 2009 Whiting Writers' Award.  Now, he is not one of those guys who sing their own praises.  He's young, handsome and oh has he got style.  The man wears Dolce and Gabanna to class.  He's a major swoonfest every time he walks in the door.  But most of all, he's just a damn good teacher and that's what makes him so unbelievably cool.  The man f-bombs in class, but he does it with such a suave touch, you don't even notice it, and it makes you go "F-yeah" when he makes his point because you have to dig on what he's saying.

So I get this e-mail that asks me what he's like in class...here's what I sent...

What do I think of Dr. T?  I think he's a rock star and let's face it, the man has style.  As a student aspiring to be a teacher, Doc T is one guy that you want to take notes from so you can take his kind of enthusiasm and wit into your own classroom.  He mixes pop culture with the curriculum to give us something to work from, it makes his lectures fun, exciting and something you want to participate in. He engages us by spurring on debate, but at the same time, he considers all of our viewpoints and makes us fight for our point of view, which is the point of the Composition II class, constructing argumentative essays.   Also, I've been having trouble with my writing style and he has taken the time on multiple occasions to sit down with me to help me improve.  He is one of those rare teachers who take the time to see the world through your eyes and helps you learn in a way that works for you.  I look forward to my classes with Dr. T, because it's always an intellectual adventure, challenging me to think even further outside the box, and after every class I'm even more inspired to always have meaning, sense and clarity in everything I write.  In all, I'd recommend to any student at UNLV to take one of his courses, he's one guy you don't want to miss. 
So definite props go to UNLV for hiring this guy.  He's just the coolest.

Grats Doc T.  As usual, you so rock.

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