Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm up late on page 8

I finally came up with a name for my paper for Comp II.


It is a true stroke of genius, especially from a woman.  I'm turning the Evolution/Creation controversy into a giant cosmic baseball game.  It's funny, it's got personality, but most importantly, it says what I want to say, concisely, clearly and with a lot of common sense.

Here, have an few of my more grabbing lines:

Creationism gets its name from the literal reading of the book of Genesis in the Bible, so let's imagine for a moment one half of a baseball field that was created by a deity in just six days.

The other side of the imaginary baseball field was created over time and by environmental pressures, slowly developing a heightened mound in the middle, bases, bleachers to sit on, dugouts, locker rooms, and all of the necessary pieces to make up a successful, functioning baseball field. After the field evolves, sitting calmly in the dugout, admiring the field, we have Charles Darwin. He's the usual suspect, the demon and the whipping boy that most Creationists target.

Since the rise of public schools in the United States, it seemed as our imaginary baseball field found a home.  "Build it and they will come", and come they did, Creationists, scholars and scientists alike, all descending on states and school districts around the nation.  Most baseball games are home for dramatic moments, and Creation versus Evolution has never been an exception. 

However, what if Creationism is on the wrong ball field and just doesn't know it?  What if Creationists gave up on their quest to have their bill of fare put into a science classroom and instead asked for a philosophy class that would not only cover Christianity, but different schools of philosophical thought?  Science teaches the fundamental reasons for the natural world, but it fails to answer the question, "Why am I here?", and that question is most easily discussed through philosophy.  How revolutionary, the common sense to keep your hands and beliefs to yourself and still knock one out of the park. 

I'm having a blast writing this, and that might be a bad sign, considering that every time I write something fun, it comes back with a B on it.  Well, I'm in my rough draft now, and it's rough.  I'm finding what Doc T told me was very true, all of the information I found is precluding my argument.  For now, I've got 8 pages written, two to go and lots of revisions.  Given my progress and the great lines I've posted here, I'm sure that late tomorrow evening I'll have something I can be proud of.  It's an academic paper yes, but Doc T is big on bringing the argument out into the world.  So, we'll see, I'm going to have to dry it up a bit and take out some of my usual flourishes...but the baseball analogy is going to have to stay, it's too delicious and makes the point too clearly to lose.

I'm going to bed.  I'm beat.


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