Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Billy is BACK!

That's right my ladyfish and jellyspoons!  With a great sigh of relief I saw tonight that the one and only Billy Crystal will be hosting this year's 84th Annual Academy Awards.  WOOOHOOOO!

If you remember my posts from last year, you know that I screamed from my balcony, "Where's Billy?"  Well, this year he's back.  Thank the gods.  No more James Franco.

I've joined the Twitterati for this year's fun and games, so I'll be tweeting sophomore-style live from my couch during the telecast.  Want to follow along?  Just find @etrnl_sophomore on Twitter.  That's me!  Hey, you should follow along just to watch me do my style of humor in only 140 characters!  Take that you "oh she's long-winded" critics!

By the way, great article this month on Twitter in Vogue, it sold me on joining up.

So, raise your glass and cheer, Billy is back!

By the way, two new things:  I've updated the Soundtrack page, so if you had a tune you heard here but can't remember the name, the list is up to date.  Second, I've got a brand new Twitter widget that will let you follow my tweets if you so choose.

Today's song of the day goes out to the host with the most's and his ninth appearance with the big golden guy...The Boys Are Back by Thin Lizzy.

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