Friday, July 8, 2011

Books, books and oh wait...TV...

I'll relate something funny today as well as add another guy to the hotties list.  Oh, come on, I've not added someone to the hotties list in a looooong I think we're due for a #10.

As we all know, I'm a bibliophile.  Come on, the only action happening in my bedroom is paper cuts because let's face it, my bed is always covered in romance novels.  Ok, I'm not seeing anyone volunteering for the job of being my boyfriend, so the romance novels will have to do.  The last one I read was another Kenyon, "Born of Shadows" which was really good, I enjoyed it, but you guys know me, I have to have a constant stream of input coming in so my mind stays focused.  So, without a new Kenyon coming out for at least another couple of months, I flipped on the television to find....oh yes...Game of Thrones.

I do realize that I could end the suspense of what's going to happen to that wonderful cast of characters written by George R. R. Martin by going down to the bookstore and picking all five books up, but you know, that takes all the fun out of the suspense of waiting until next spring for the next season to debut on HBO.

What's funny in all of this was last month, I was on the phone with Nan and we were having a great talk, and I turned around to see a Game of Thrones episode start...without even thinking, I blurted out, "Oooh, Game of Thrones is starting..." to which Nan said, "Isn't good?  We record it on the DVR." I sat shocked at the fact that my sister and I actually dug on the same TV show!  That, to me, was so cool.  At that, we wrapped up the conversation quickly and I took a flying leap onto the couch, snuggled up under my polka-dotted throw and sat drooling over the hotties in Game of Thrones.

Now, I'll definitely say that the cast of Game of Thrones is littered with the hot and not-so-hot.  Of course, those of us who went to the theaters back in 1992 to see Harrison Ford in Patriot Games got a very unexpected treat in the form of Sean Bean.  Ok, if that isn't enough for you, let's just say one name, "Boromir."  Thank you for playing...Sean Bean definitely had some hotness going on in the Lord of the Rings, but it was hard to see it because he was neck deep in other eye-candy, namely Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen.  Now while I wasn't too crazy about the whole Legolas thing, or the whole Aragorn thing...I was totally into the Boromir thing going, "ooh, yeah...corruptible..." LOL   Ok, I'm kidding about the whole "corruptible" thing, but, you have to admit, Sean Bean has got some goodies going on, even though it's hidden behind the armor, the unwashed hair and unkempt beard along with ten tons of mud and some blood-caked blades.  So, it shouldn't be any surprise to see Sean getting back into the armor for Boromir 2.0.  I was really tickled to see him like that again and his portrayal of Eddard Stark was so sweet, it was like Boromir never died, got married and had a slew of kids, legitimate and one not-so-legitimate (Go Jon Snow!).  Gotta give kudos to Sean playing I read in an article earlier, he got "hosed by being merciful."  I say he should have just chopped that little shit Joffery's head off before everything went down.  Alas, we lost Eddard and I want to weep!  Getting an assured look at Sean Bean every week was a great way to enjoy a series!  It sucks that Sean has had to say goodbye to GoT, I really tuned in to see him every week.

Another guy (not-so-hot, but lovable) that got killed off was Mark Addy.  Damn it, you all know how I like Mark Addy.  I loved him as the rebooted Friar Tuck in Ridley Scott's not-so-great reboot of Robin Hood.  So to see Mark again all fixed up and leaving his good guy roles from A Knights Tale and the forementioned Robin Hood to play an unhappy king, rife with all sorts of flaws, it was a treat!  But what happened to him?  Dead.  Dang it!  Ugh!  And what happens?  The one guy who could have held it all together gets replaced by some little's agonizing!  He dies and we lose Eddard too...what is this?  Put together a great cast and kill them all off in the first season?  Argh!

Oh but then it gets worse, the girls in the series aren't the greatest examples of feminine behavior (who else got a little wigged out and uncomfortable at seeing Caitlyn's sister breast feeding her pre-adolescent son?  *shudder* EWWWWWW!  Creepy!)  We've got Cersei, who is just all sorts of twisted...and that whole incestuous Lannister thing...*ewww* again, and the simpering Sansa who IMHO should have shoved that little shit Joffery off the bridge, I don't care what the "The Hound" said or did.  Personally, I keep hoping The Hound has other plans for dispatching that little shit.  Can you tell I dislike Joffery?  Oh, you would not be wrong in the assumption that I don't like that character very much, but I don't think I'm alone in the sentiment.

Then there's Caitlyn and Arya.  Oh, who else absolutely adores the little girl who plays Arya?  She is so precious and pulls it off so well.  As far as Arya goes, I love how her "dance teacher" was actually her fencing instructor, and the fact that she's an all-around better fighter than her similarly aged brothers.  I can't wait to see how they progress her in Season Two, I fully expect by the end of the series that she'll be in full armor and kicking ass better than most of her male peers.

Her mom though, ooh, who else cheered when Caitlyn picked up the rock and punched Jamie Lannister in the mouth in the season finale?  I did!  I'm not quite down with Caitlyn's methodologies, but I did love the line where she tells Robb, "First we get your sisters back, THEN we kill them all."  LOL!  Woot!  Now that's a mom who has her priorities straight...make sure the kids are all safe then kill everyone else.  LOL.  What I didn't care for was how she accused Tyrion of shoving Bran out the window.  Yeah I know that we, as the audience, knew who did it, but come on, Tyrion? (Huge props to Peter Dinklage, more on him later.) He likes the Starks, has respect for them, it's Jamie, Cersei and that abomination Joffrey that are the psychos in house Lannister. (Don't get me started on the Tywin...btw, was I the only one who yelled out an impersonation of Eddie Murphy when Charles Dance came on screen hollering, "It's Noomsie!" from The Golden Child?)

But, let's get to the one good part of House Lannister.  As promised, let's give some props and kudos to Peter Dinklage who plays "The Imp" Tyrion.  Has anyone else noticed how many scenes he's saved, lightened up or just plain stole?  Oh wow, for being only 4'5" tall, he sure is a big presence in the room every time he comes in, so major props to Peter, he's rockin' that role and I'm soooooo glad he didn't get killed off, although him marching into war only to get knocked out by a hammer on the way was hysterical; the way he woke up to "oh, by the way, we won..." was priceless.  As far as the character of Tyrion goes, I truly think he's the one "good" guy in the "bad" guy camp.  You gotta know that somewhere along the line he's going to turn out to be the hero of the whole thing, he's going to be the one guy who saves the day, with casks of wine and whores in tow.  Headline:  Short man makes for tall king, film at 11.

But all that aside, we need to go across the ocean to find the rest of the goodies...

This brings us to hottie number 10...ok girls, put your hands up and show me how many of you go bonkers over Khal Drogo! (Hops up and down hollering "Me! Me! Me!") Jason Momoa, yes girls, he's got the whole Hawaiian thing going on, in which I'm just going to spare us all from the five paragraphs of the normal KP swooning. (You gals know how I love those island boys...nom nom nom nom nom....but I will say again that KP still brings the swoon factor to a fever pitch.)  But KP aside, let's go for the goods!  Drool with me girls...

*Whimper* Ok, looking *that* good should be a criminal offense.  OY VEH...knee buckle...swoon.  Jason Momoa goes onto the hotties list for a couple of reasons, first and foremost for me is his invocation of the KP factor.  Like it or not, the KP factor is powerful....just trust me on that.  Second is that he made the biggest badass be the guy that all the girls wanted to jump through the screen and slit Dany's throat, just for the sheer joy of the prospects of jumping into bed with him ourselves.  He showed us that under that badass exterior was a gentle soul who loved his wife.  Ok that right there, the whole "I can rule the world and love my wife with all my heart" thing, oh, Jason sold it big time, leaving every hopeful romantic girl going, "I want one of those."  NOM!

Then there is that little tidbit that he's rebooting Conan (that's what he's doing in the photo, being very "Conan", which gratefully his accent is a little less thick than the ex-Governators).  Think I'll be going to see that one...oh yeah...could care less about the script, I just may go with my .mp3 player filled with music and listen to that just so I can watch him for an hour and a half plus...when it's that good looking, who cares what comes out of their mouths, they can just stand there and smile for all I care, or in Jason's case, look dangerous.  LOL!  I'm just ticked to high heaven that the one true piece of eye-candy that I could have sustained myself on in Game of Thrones...they killed off.  UGH!  How could they kill off something that good looking?  First Sean now Jason!  It's so unfair! *weeps into hankerchief*  Oh the tragedy of it all, they've killed off all of the eye-candy! How could they? Waaaaaaaaah!  (I'm sitting here laughing my butt off at that over-dramatic, tongue-in-cheek humor.)

Ok, I've written enough for the's going to suck having to wait until next spring for the next season of Game of Thrones, but considering what's left in the hotties pool, the Danish blonde that plays Jamie and um, a little of the guy who plays Robb, meh, welcome to a great story with a hottie drought.  There's not much left to watch except to root for Tyrion as he does his thing and pray that little shit Joffrey meets a very gruesome end.  In some small way, I want it to be that precious little girl Arya sticking it to him good with a grown-up version of Needle.

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