Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lucky Blackberry

Today is a day for Cliff's Notes.  I want to make the sum up really brief so I can get to the goods because today was...


Last post, we left off with my overwhelming neuroses about what happens when you put down the yoke and heavy buckets.  That night, I went to bed and cried.  And cried.  And cried...and then there was more crying after that.  I guess the physical sensation of putting something down resonated with me because well, through all that crying, I put everything down.  I guess you could say I had my very first soul-cleansing cry.

On Thursday morning, I woke up and felt like a train had hit me.  My limbs were very heavy and I, very exhausted and just overwhelmingly spent, remembered that my cry was a good first step, not the answer to everything and I reminded myself that even though I was tired, I still have work to do.  School was waiting and my education can't wait or be skipped out on for the day.  I drug myself to the shower, got ready and made my way to school.

I was amazed by the fact that nothing bothered me at all.  No anxiety, no pent up anger, no nothing, just calm peaceful existence.  I went to history class, my first Thursday discussion group for the history class, then took 40 minutes to grab some lunch and head off to IMC.

As usual, IMC is what I work the week for.  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with Doc S. are sublime heaven.  Doc S. had me swooning in my seat as he talked about Bill Bernbach and the great history of advertising.  We perused beautiful ads, copy written by angels and I was in a permanent swoonfest about the vocation I've chosen.  Rule one of any career:  You have to love what you do.  However, when I looked across the aisle at a young woman asleep during a lecture I was swooning over, I sat with my mouth open for just a second, aghast at how someone could sleep through a lecture about such fascinating material (then I remembered, not everyone loves the same things, so I just let it essence thinking, "Her loss.").

After class, I took my regular walk with my partner for the semester, Haley.  She and I park in the same section on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we enjoy the walk, talking about advertising and our semester project.   We always end up gabbing for at least a half an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays after we get out to the cars.  She's convinced I'm a genius at this stuff and she's also convinced I'm going to be a millionaire from it (which I seriously doubt, but if people throw money at me for what I know, I won't turn them down.)

Driving home from school, again, I was so peaceful!  I couldn't get over it!  No stress, no anxiety, and even when some dodo bird ambulance driver cut me off (missing my front fender by about what seemed like inches) I didn't even get upset.  I didn't even get riled up enough to give his back bumper a good talking to, instead, I just gave a "pfft" and moved on.  That is SO not like me.  Where did this tranquility come from?

It had to have been that cry.  I felt as if someone lifted up the big wooden yoke and let me ease out from under it.  I feel light!  I'm laughing a lot too.  (Which is always good.)

OK, so now that's the Cliff's Notes for Thursday.  Let's get on to today.

So, as we know, I'm relaxed (still in need of a good massage though) and I'm feeling really good.  Nan and I had talked during the week and we had planned on having lunch today at Sweet Tomatoes.  I love Sweet Tomatoes, it's healthy, it's fun and so I spent about an hour with Nan, munching on healthy things, visiting and just all around enjoying each other's company.  After 20 years without having her around, let me tell you, to spend time with her is a treat.  We had a blast.  She also gave me her old Blackberry.  Ok, let's catch you up.  When Nan was going through chemo, her hands really took a beating, so Carl got her an iPhone so it would be easier on her hands.  Well, when Nan got her iPhone, her Blackberry Curve went the way of the Dodo, so as any big sister would do for her up and coming bratty kid sister, she gave me her old phone.  I love hand-me-downs.  I'm serious.  Trust me, if you had my big sister, you know that the hand-me-downs are primo.  The Blackberry is practically brand new, after all, I think she had it only a few months before Carl replaced it with an iPhone.   So, I'm a proud owner of a Blackberry!  Thanks Nan!

While we sat munching on greens, we put my sim card in the Blackberry.  My very observant big sister had already changed the screen picture to none other than an ocean wave because she knows how much I love the ocean and everything Caribbean or island themed.  I smiled as I saw that she had gone through a lot of trouble to make sure I could use the Blackberry.  She armed me to the teeth with the charger, the car charger, the instruction booklet and it was all packaged up in the box, ready for me to use.  My heart was so full of gratitude for just how much trouble she went through for me.

After Nan and I finished lunch, I was off to the salon to go see my stylist extraordinaire, Luibi.  Luibi has been my stylist for the last three years, almost four.  She took me from looking scrag to looking good.  She has shaped my hair, going from short hair to long flowing locks.  We sat and visited for a good while, she applied my color, (hey, no greys here thank you very much), washed me out and styled me to perfection.

But, here it comes.  Ok, everyone...I want you to grab the armrests of the chair and hold on to your seat.  What I'm about to write is nothing short of a miracle.  Put another way, something I never ever thought would happen...

While Luibi and I were visiting, the Blackberry chimed.  It was a text message from none other than KP.  Ok, no no, don't jump up and down yet.  The texts have been going back and forth between KP and I for about a couple of weeks.  Nothing ever too long, just a status text more or less, "I'll be online in about 5 minutes" or something of that nature.  No, the text is not that big of a deal, unless you account for the fact that today's were a little more detailed than usual, and the fact that he went out of his way to say hi at a time that I'm not accustomed to talking with him at.  We all know that he and I are always on Ventrillo playing WoW together every night, but outside of a text here and there, we have never spoken on the phone because we usually talk on the computer.  Ok, the plot thickens right?

Three text messages a piece went back and forth...after about a 30 minute pause...and just as Luibi had finished drying my hair...the phone rang.  Expecting it to be Nan or maybe my mom on the other end of the line, my heart stopped as I looked down to find...

It was KP.

Ok, now you can jump up and down, squeal, freak out and do what ever it is you do.  As I saw who the call was from, I looked at Luibi in panic.  I fumbled the Blackberry.  I gasped, my hands shook, and I suddenly and completely forgot how cellphones worked.  I looked at the foreign device in my hand.  It rang again.  Why was it ringing? What did the green and red icons mean?  What was my name?  Where was I?  What do I do? A freaked out cry of "OH MY GOD!"  flew from my mouth.

I quickly got myself together, remembered that the green phone icon meant "answer" and hit the button.  I croaked out a very timid, "hello?"  The voice on the other end of the line didn't sound like KP.  My KP, on the computer, has a deeper voice.  I thought it was a practical joke.  I thought to myself, "who is this joker calling me?"  As he spoke, I realized he knew me really well, but I still didn't recognize the voice.  I sat in disbelief as he was telling me about where he was and what he was doing, which was picking up Drewbie from school.  After everything he said, my mind still could not wrap itself around the fact that it was really KP on the other end of the line.  Luibi curled my hair and styled it as I talked to this would-be-KP (she knew that he had never called me before so it was an auspicious moment).  She finished me up as I kept talking to a KP impostor on the phone...I kept humoring whoever it was because the conversation was light, funny, witty, smart and overall mysterious.  I paid for my services and hugged Luibi then went out to my car.  I sat bewildered wondering who the guy I was talking to really was!   Then I heard Drewbie. Ok, there was no mistaking that voice.  That little voice was one of my sweet boys, it hit me like a lightning bolt as I realized, OMG!  I'm really talking to KP on the telephone!  At that point, I was grateful I was sitting in the car, because if I had been standing, my knees would have buckled.

I got to talk to Drewbie, ok yes, I know it's not new, I talk to him almost every night on the computer, but NEVER EVER on the phone...KP came back on the line.  For the first time ever, I drove home talking on the phone the entire way.  Now I get how people get so mired in those things!  After I got home,  KP and I talked for nearly two hours, each sitting on our individual balconies.  He read me something out of a magazine about something similar to what I had gone through on Wednesday.  He was genuinely concerned about what was going on in my head and he let me know that I wasn't alone in going through things like that because he had as well.  We covered a myriad of topics in that two hours and told me stories about work and things that had nothing whatsoever to do with the video game we play together on a nightly basis.  We talked about similar experiences, similar things and just talked like two people who had never even heard of WoW or a computer.  Yeah...omg.  SWOON!

Then TJ came in.  Oh my darling boy, TJ.  I adore that boy to pieces.  So, KP handed the phone off to TJ and  we talked about school, and I clued him in on a little thing called Video Games Live and because TJ plays the clarinet, I introduced him to a clarinet man by the name of Benny Goodman.

After a while talking to TJ, KP took the phone back and we talked some more and just before it seemed as we would never get off the phone (which I wouldn't have minded), he let me know what time he'd be on and that he'd talk to me later....

After KP and I hung up, I IMMEDIATELY called Nan to tell her what happened.  I told her..."The Blackberry, it's lucky!"  She laughed and was thrilled for me.  I thanked her profusely for lunch and for the phone, then politely ended the call, levitated off of my couch to come tell y'all about it.

Did I tell you...KP called me today!


Forgive me, I must go do the jubilant happy dance.


For TJ we have a little bit of a tune by a clarinet man, the Benny Goodman Orchestra playing, "Sing, Sing, Sing."  And by the way, the man beating on the "skins" is Gene Krupa.

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