Monday, December 6, 2010

Hottie of the Day, #9

Well, as we're adding to the list of hotties as we go along, and since I'm about to hop out the door to pick up my Collectors Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, I have to add a hottie to the list.

Number nine comes to us in the form of the man behind the voices of so many iconic WoW characters.  He's Thrall (woot, go Thrall.  I want a bumper sticker that says I <3 Thrall, which is odd because the majority of my toons are Alliance).  He's also the voice of the Terran Battlecruisers and Marines in Starcraft 2.  But, he's also the creative powerhouse behind the lore and storytelling inside of WoW.  The man, just from an intellectual gamers point of view is a total swoonfest, not to mention total eye candy.  While some girls think Zac Effron is hot (I'm not one of them, don't worry gals), I'm a big fan of #9...

So without further adieu, I give you the man who makes being a geek look hot, the one and only, Chris Metzen.

But for all of you gals who haven't heard him speak and get swept away by this charismatic geek, I give you his opener from Blizzcon 2010:  "Geek Is..."

And for a gal who does voices for fun, to entertain and ultimately communicate, his range of characters is one that makes me proud I can "Hooray" like a gnome one moment, and give the sexy eastern European accent of a Draenei the next.  That's swoon points you can't deny when it's a skill you have that you can see in someone else.  From Blizzcon 2009, the Q and A session where he talks about doing voices.

So to Chris, I tip my hat and that's what makes him the newest addition to the hotties list.

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