Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Trip Preface

Well, I'm back and I have some fairly decent experiences to relate.  I'm going to take some time and preface the trip posts with a few notes.

First, the trip will be documented in my very first attempt at an actual "series".  There are roughly 9 entries in the experience, so I'm going to chronicle them day by day/experience by experience, with some special outtakes here and there.

I'd like to thank my parents for making sure I got out of the house and got a chance to look at the world from a fresh point of view.  I think their wisdom in deciding to take me on the trip is held in the fact that the trip, from frustrating nicotine deprived moments to laughter and joy, really did recharge my batteries.

Next, I'd like to fiercely apologize to Nan because she didn't get to go this time around.  I thought of her a lot during the trip and to her I can only say that I know she's driven for my parents before, and now that I've had my turn at the wheel, it's her turn again.  Oh no Nan, don't you run off or try to hide behind something, it's YOUR turn.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience along the way, especially my dad who got the full brunt of having to deal with someone with hyper-vigilance.  After I hopped a curb, he reminded me it wasn't good for my tires, and he patiently took the brunt of my hyper-vigilant awareness.  Ok, just a note:  when someone is hyper-vigilant, they're already aware of what's happened and they've relived it ten times before you say a word about it.  So, my condolences to Dad and my eternal gratitude to him for his unending patience.  Don't worry though, I took it right back as he did his best impersonation of my late Aunt Sissy, channeling her need to side-seat and back seat drive, nearly wrecking us in the process.

So, that being said, I'm glad to be home and over the next several posts, we'll be traveling across the desert to the beaches of San Diego and back again.  So sit back, relax and think of ocean waves and beautiful breezes.  From the long drives to the GPS, from "The Island" aboard the Midway to The Old Town Trolley, and remembering the three other characters who went on the journey with us, Betty, Betty and my Prius lovingly named Ekko.  I'll be sharing my adventure as three souls took on a road trip that can only be summed up in one phrase...

It had lots of nutritional value.

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