Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comedic moment...

It's 8pm, invites for my WoW raid start at 8:45 and I need food.  So, I go into my emergency stash food, which is comprised of some frozen dinners because dipsy doodle here didn't unthaw her pork chops like she was supposed to...I forgot, kill me.

So, I get into the freezer, grab down one of them, slap it in the microwave and I realized I'd rather eat frozen tv dinners rather than the food the ex used to cook.  It was just that bad.

Now, when the man cooks a steak and it doesn't taste like a steak, you know there's something wrong...then there's the herb and mustard chicken he used to make too that you could see pools of fat on top of.  You know,  all of a sudden, TV dinners aren't so bad when you've eaten things like that over and over again in your life.

Now I'm a good cook.  I make good food.  I make things that make your mouth water from appetizer to dessert.  What gets me though is that my ex used to call the pork chops, pot roast, casseroles, mashed potatoes, and all those other good "put meat on your bones" foods I make "Comfort food" like it was a derogatory comment and below him to stick his fork into it.

Hell yes it's comfort food!  It makes me happy and comfortable with the nutrition I'm putting in my body! 

But you know what, when the person who criticizes comfort food makes food even a dog would turn his nose up at, there's some comedy in the fact that I'd rather have a TV dinner than what he used to make.

Brass tacks is that you have to eat what makes you happy.  Fueling your body shouldn't be a painful or distasteful experience.

Oh, there goes the microwave!  I'm going to go savor NOT having to eat the food my ex used to cook.

But I only have one thing else to say:  glad I'm not in Hawaii with my pal KP, because I'd probably have to stomach Spam.  EWWWWWW! 


Have a great dinner everyone!

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