Friday, September 11, 2009

Article published about me on!

Yay!  My love of trivia pays off!

15 Minutes of Fame: Pre-Raid Trivia pumps up enthusiasm, strats

I thought that was pretty cool.  It simply started with me writing in to one of their columnists about "It's a guy's World of Warcraft" about how guys think they dominate the game and how that made me kinda mad because most guys in WoW believe that girls are either casters or healers, but NEVER a tank, more to the point, they're the ones that think we should be bringing them beer while they play.  That kind of mentality is enough to make me grind my teeth.

In World of Warcraft (WoW for short), it's mainly male dominated.  To have a girl tank is like inadvertantly finding a pearl in an oyster you harvested to eat. It's pretty rare.

I started out as a "Girl Tank", much like Lori Petty's character in the movie "Tank Girl", all attitude and muscle. A "tank" is the person in the group that taunts the attention of the monster you're attacking onto themselves and acts as a shield that absorbs all the damage so that the other people in the group can do their job, which is to either heal the group of players that you're with or to do damage to the monster you're trying to kill. Pretty simple right?  Well, there are some guys who don't think that it's possible to be a girl and be a tank. Sad, sad, sad. Again, "the human race never fails to disappoint me".

So, I wrote a brief e-mail to the female columnist about her article, talking about my time as a girl tank and they wrote back and wanted to interview me for a piece on Tank Girls.  But, as all things in life change, so had I, I had changed guilds (a guild is a group of players who according to the official World of Warcraft website: A guild is a group of players that join together for companionship, adventure, economic gain and more).

After changing guilds, I changed jobs. I became a damage dealer and a healer. I wasn't a tank anymore. So, I told them about what I was doing, which was helping out my guildmates by running a trivia game that would enable them to learn strategy in a fun way. The folks at wrote me back a couple of months later, followed up with me, sent over some interview questions, asked for some photos and poof!  One article on little ol' me. I really didn't intend it to be something that went "hey look at me..." it was really about "Hey! Look at the fantastic people I share a hobby with!"

Anyhow, enjoy the article.

It reminds me that I'm doing just what my friend Janet (who died of Juvinile Arthritis about 5 years ago) always told me to do:
"Whenever you meet someone, greet them with a smile on your face and love in your heart."

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